Apply ETA Sri Lanka for Bangladesh Citizens

Sri Lanka is an island nation located in the Indian Ocean known for its spectacular beaches, thousand-year-old Buddhist temples, an abundance of wildlife, and rich archaeological history. The plethora of water sports, breath-taking sunsets, sprawling tea gardens and of course, mouth-watering Sri Lankan food, are sure to make you fall in love with this gorgeous place. 
To enjoy the beauty of the country foreign nationals can apply for the Sri Lanka eta and visit the place. Bangladeshi citizens can easily apply for the eta of Sri Lanka online. This process is easy, simple, and convenient. It saves a lot of time for the applicant.

There is no need for Bangladeshi citizens to visit the embassy or any consulate.


Do Bangladeshi Citizens Need A Visa For Sri Lanka?

Tourist ETA for Sri Lanka is legal approval to enter the country of Sri Lanka for Bangladeshi citizens. Travelers from Bangladesh can apply for Sri Lanka eta online easily and within a few minutes. It will save a lot of time.

Travelers traveling for tourism, business, or transit can apply for an electronic visa for Sri Lanka. The purpose of the visit decides the type of the ETA, which also decides the duration of the stay in the country.

You just have to fill in an application form to the eta for Sri Lanka which asks for some basic details of the applicant, pay the fees and you will get the approved Sri Lanka eta within 24 hours. Getting an eta for Sri Lanka in advance is a better option than a visa on arrival. As it takes a lot of time and you have to wait in long queues to get your visa on arrival.

If any Bangladeshi traveler wants to go to Sri Lanka for long-term business, permanent settlement, religious purposes, or any humanitarian efforts, then they have to apply for a Sri Lanka visa from the embassy or a consulate.


Documents Required For Bangladeshi Citizens To Get The Sri Lankan Visa

Any Bangladeshi citizen who intends to travel to Sri Lanka must have some documents ready before applying for Sri Lanka Visa. They are:

* A valid passport with a validity of 6 months minimum from the date of arrival in Sri Lanka. If it seems to expire then make sure to get it Renewed.
* A valid and active debit or credit card with sufficient funds in them to make the ETA payment.
* Provide a correct email address in the application form, as the approved eta Sri Lanka will be directly sent to the email id.

Once you receive the approved eta Visa for Sri Lanka, then you can visit the country easily. Along with these documents, there are more that you should also have. They are:

* Carry a printed copy of the approved Sri Lankan ETA with you during your trip to the country.
* You should also have proof of having sufficient funds with you to take care of yourself when in Sri Lanka.
* Proof of confirmed return ticket or an onward ticket.


How Can I Get An Urgent ETA For Sri Lanka From Bangladesh?

Bangladeshi citizens can use the online medium to apply for the SriLanka electronic visa, as it is more convenient and simpler to apply.

* First fill in the application form. Recheck all the details and then proceed.
* Pay for the ETA fee using a debit or credit card.
* Receive approved eta on your email ID.


Processing Time For Sri Lanka Eta For Bangladeshi Citizens?

The standard time for the processing of the Sri Lankan ETA is usually 24 hours. But they always advised applying at least a week before their intended date of travel, as sometimes it can delay the procedure.

The application form for the eta of Sri Lanka takes about 2 days for the analysis. After that, Bangladeshi travelers receive a mail or SMS for their approval of ETA.

When you receive the ETA, take a printout of it and carry it along with you while traveling in Sri Lanka. It might be asked the immigration office in Sri Lanka.

It 1is also advisable to apply at least a week before their intended date of travel to receive their Sri Lanka ETA at the usual time without any hustle.

** The online procedure does not involve visiting the embassy, it saves you a lot of your time and you do not have to do the paperwork manually. It prevents you from all the mess of paperwork.


Can I Travel To Sri Lanka Now From Bangladesh?

If travelers from Bangladesh have all the required documents, they can easily apply for the electronic travel authorization for Sri Lanka and travel to the country. This includes the valid eta or visa for Sri Lanka. But you should remain updated in case there are any changes in conditions or rules or requirements. And also check all the COVID-19 restrictions for better traveling.


Visa On Arrival For Bangladeshi Travelers In Sri Lanka

Bangladeshi travelers having ETA for Sri Lanka will be issued visas on arrival automatically.

You must have your passport with you, sufficient funds proof, a return or onward ticket, and a copy of ETA if asked. After all the verification the officer will grant you the visa on arrival using which you can enter Sri Lanka.

It is possible to apply for a visa on arrival without an ETA at Bandaranaike International Airport in Colombo only. This is not recommended as it means waiting in a different queue to fill out the paperwork and then joining the main queue to clear immigration.

But certainly, this process takes a lot of time, as travelers have to stand in queues and wait for long hours. It is better to apply online to save you from all the mess and tiring process.



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