Apply ETA Sri Lanka for Germany Citizens

Sri Lanka is an island nation where one can enjoy the true beauty of nature. The rich wildlife, beaches, markets, food cuisine, and much more. To enjoy all these things, one has to book a ticket and apply for an ETA for Sri Lanka and visit the country.

Electronic travel authorization for Sri Lanka is an electronic legal permit that allows a traveller to enter the country. One must have a visa or an eta to visit Sri Lanka.

The same goes for German travellers if they wish to travel to Sri Lanka. They have to apply for a Sri Lanka eta. The process is completely online, it saves a lot of time and is more convenient for the visitors.

Given below are some details on how to apply for the electronic travel authorization for Sri Lanka.


Do Germans Need A Visa For Sri Lanka?

German citizens do require a Sri Lanka visa or an eta to visit the country. If you do not have an eta for Sri Lanka or any other document then you cannot travel to the country.

Applying for a Sri Lankan eta online is the easiest way. It removes the option of visiting an embassy or any consulate to obtain a Sri Lanka visa.
German citizens can apply for different types of an eta for Sri Lanka as per their purpose.

• Tourist eta for Sri Lanka
• Eta for business for Sri Lanka
• Transit eta


Sri Lankan Tourist ETA

The validity of tourist eta is for 180 days from the date of issue.  Within those 180 days, you can stay for up to 30 days in the country from the date of arrival.

ETA of tourist for Sri Lanka grants a dual entry in the country but the condition is the second entry must be within the 30 days validity period.


Business ETA For Sri Lanka

The validity of business eta is for 180 days from the date of issue. The stay a traveler gets is of 30 days from the date of arrival

This eta of business for Sri Lanka grants multiple entries in the country, but all the entries should be made within those 30 days of stay.


Transit ETA For Sri Lanka

The transit eta is also valid for 180 days from the date of issue. It is only for travelers who are using Sri Lanka port as a connecting point for onward travel. The transit eta does not allow the holder to leave the airport at any time.

It provides a stay for only 2 days; no traveler can stay for more than 48 hours at the airport.


• Fill in the application with all the basic details asked. Recheck before proceeding.
• Next step is to make the payment of the ETA fee using an international debit or credit card.
• The approved eta will be sent directly to the registered email id.


What Documents Are Required For Germans To Obtain The Sri Lanka ETA?

All the German travelers having a valid passport issued by the German government can apply for the eta for Sri Lanka. Documents needed are:

• Valid German passport
• International debit or credit card
• Active and correct email address

The cards are used to make the payment of the Sri Lanka eta fee. So, make sure that these cards have sufficient funds in them. Email-id is used to receive the approved eta for Sri Lanka.


Application Form For The German Travellers

As filling in the form is the quickest and most convenient. It takes only a few minutes to complete the form and submit it.

 Basic and personal details are asked about the traveler like name, address, contact info, email address, nationality, gender, DOB, etc.
 Passport details like issue date, expiry date issuing country
 Travel details like intended date of arrival, accommodation, return tickets, etc.

All the details provided by the German traveler should be correct and valid. If any errors or any mistakes are found then the approval of the ETA might be delayed or even get rejected.


Travelling To Sri Lanka With An ETA

All the German visitors should take a printout of the approved ETA for Sri Lanka before landing in the country. It might be asked for a check at the immigration office at the entry port.


Can A Germany Passport Holder Get A Sri Lanka Visa On Arrival?

No, German citizens cannot get a visa on arrival in Sri Lanka. They must apply for an ETA or visa before their trip to Sri Lanka.

Due to COVID-19, some rules or conditions might change from time to time for SriLanka ETA. So, keep yourself updated and then only apply for one.

Applying ETA for Sri Lanka is an online procedure which is the easiest and the most convenient way to obtain an electronic visa for Sri Lanka. It saves a lot of time and there is no need to visit the embassy or consulate.




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